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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Long Beach ICB Marathon - Last Stage of My Journey

My Journey will end where it started ........ at the Long Beach ICB Marathon.   The event will be on October 7 and it will be my 9th marathon within 365.  Since last week, I been training at the beach walk which is part of the event route.  It's hot,  humid and no ocean breeze.

Week                                       Miles            Longest Run
August 13 - August 19              22                       9
August 20 - August 26              29                     10 miles

Training Goals
20 miles LSD
10K @ 57 minutes
Half @ 2h:10m

Finish Time Goal
4:42:00  or a PR

Proud to be an MM


  1. CONGRATS on 5790! Way to GO!

    Enjoy Long's a great course and let's hope for some nice summer FOG.

    1. Thanks Paul! An early fall like weather will be great.

      Good luck in Berlin!

  2. You are looking great and fit. Doing 9 marathons in a year is a tough feat and you are already almost done. You should end your journey without no major problems and do your PR as well. I know you can do it and be one of the MM, hands down. Stay well, listen to your body while training and take care. Btw, I am sorry, I cannot come to run with you in the LBeach ICB Marathon. It would have been nice. Maybe, some other time/marathon. Hang in there, your mission is almost accomplished.

    1. Thanks, Joe! Already earned enough MM credit (2 stars)after the San Francisco. Got my MM # and singlet last week. The Long Beach Marathon will be a victory run and maybe will open a patron gold or double black Johnny Walker to celebrate my fate.

      Next year, if I ever run marathons again, it will be from other states or countries.

      Take care and good luck at NYCM.

  3. Belated Congratulations! Sorry, I had the impression that Long Beach Marathon was the last for your MM. I should have known cause you were wearing your MM singlet and even showed the MM logo with your number. The Long Beach Marathon will indeed be your Victory Run. How nice and sweet.

    Good luck at the Long Beach Marathon. Btw, don't drink too much J.W. My best regards and take care.

  4. Congratulations Art on finishing your 9th marathon of the year. You must be resting now. I don't know your email address so I am sending this to your blogsite. Any way, now you have completed your journey/full circle. Just the same, keep running to stay fit and for life. My bests regards.