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Monday, September 17, 2012

3 Weeks To Long Beach

Can't  get over my laziness. The focus, determination and ability to run hurt were all missing.  It's not because of burnout or lack of motivation.  Never been this healthy since I started the Journey. It's just that when on a long run, the first sign of tiredness or pain, I cut short my run. No more passion and worst, been looking forward for non- running days on my training schedule.

Just hoping that my woes got nothing to do with  being almost 71 years old.  Maybe need to slow down and have more fun.

Training Update:
                                       Weekly Total                     Longest Dist
Week 20 - 29                      29                                      10
Week 27 - 02                      27                                      10
Week 03 - 09                      30                                      10
Week 10 - 16                      30                                      11.3

 On Wednesday will be my last shot of a 15+ LSD. 
Good luck to me!


  1. I love the shirt! Unfortunately, my spouse has informed me that I can be anything I want to be when I retire, as long as the title doesn't have the word "bum" in it. :)

    Good luck to you, yes!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, timelapserunner! A 4th year Blue Beach Bum Shirt will be waiting for me at the Expo.

      Good luck!

  2. Art, it is not your age that makes you lazier. Just one of the ups and downs of running. Soon it will pass. If I may say so, you are not obligated to finish your long run if you feel lousy, pain or are tired. Training schedules should be flexible. For me, during my training runs,(when it hits me)the first few miles are the hardest. So I either slow down even walk, get my mind occupied on
    something, look around and enjoy the view, maybe smell the flowers if there are any or whatever. Keep the running spirit and do your
    tapering. Take care and wishing you all the best. Good luck in
    your upcoming marathon.
    Btw, last Monday 17Sep, my friend(Henry Nivera) and navy shipmate there in LA passed away of lung cancer. He was 80 yrs. old. I intented to visit him and also run the LA marathon but I cancelled as you may recall. May he rest in peace. He will be buried in San Diego military cemetery where his wife is too. He will be missed but such is life.

    1. Thanks Joe. I just get frustated whenever I failed to accomplish the schedule of the day. Been training at MP(marathon pace) or faster inspite of the fact that I knew I can't keep it up all the way. Wastefull effort but I think I am getting stronger.
      Sorry to hear about your buddy. May the lord blessed and accept him in his kigdom.

      Good luck and take care.

    2. Art, I suggest you run a slower pace in your future training runs. This is what I have read in the training manuals. Like you said, it is wasted effort and possible to get an injury. Save your strength for race day. Again, running schedules should be flexible.

      Unfortunately, Henry was not able to kick the habit of smoking like I did. I used to smoke too while I was in the navy for 20 years. Bro. Henry is now in good hands with God.

      Take care and don't get injured, your marathon is fast approaching. Good luck.

    3. Thanks, Joe! Had to start taper week earlier than scheduled. Been sick for a week now due to stupidity. Instead of resting I continued with my training until a fever of 102 finally forced me to stay in bed. I am ok now and yesterday I went to the gym for light workout but no running.

  3. Maybe no so much your age... sometimes our bodies have a way of telling us that they need some recovery time.

    BTW, slowing down and enjoying the runs is not such a bad idea.

    1. You are right about needing some recovery time. Cold, congested chest and fever forced me to take an earlier taper week. I think I will be 100% come Long Beach.

      Take care and good luck!