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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Showdown - Stage 9 of My Journey

August 19, 2012
Come join us for the Summer Showdown!!!  We are starting earlier to beat the summer heat.  These are great low key, high quality events hosted by the awesome Rocket Racing Productions.
This is a low key event, with a limited number of participants accepted and participating (usually no more then 50 people). All the participants will have their results posted with their names and times. And FREE pictures for everyone posted on our Facebook page after the event! Pacers and crew are welcome at any time. There are numerous restrooms and water fountains along the course.

This race will be my LSD run in preparation for the Long Beach International Bank Marathon to be held on October 7.  

San Francisco Marathon Update:

Overall: 4820 out of 6440
M 70-99: 14 out of 28
Age/Grade: 55.56% 

Finish: 5:05:47 Pace: 11:40
Tag Time: 5:05:47
Gun Time: 6:08:27

The SFM distance was 26.5M, not 26.2M.   Used of alternate routes to control traffic might be the culprit.

Recovery Gone Bad:

Day after the SFM, I jogged/walked the street and trails of Walnut Creek. The streets and trails are very challenging(nasty uphill and downhill) that I hurt my hamstring, hip pointer and lower back. My wife had to help me get up of the bed and get in and out of the car.  It's only this morning  that I was able to run 2.5 miles but had to wear back support.

Henceforth :
 Regardless of how I feel after a marathon run, I will not do any recovery run for a week..  Just light workout at the Y, eat, drink and relax.

1. Summer Showdown Marathon - August 19 ..... Easy run/walk to finish.
2. Long Beach International Bank - Oct 7 ........... To finish under 5 hrs.

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