From 6 to 200 MPH

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Journey - Photo Update!!!!

1. Ventura - Gradual downhill from start to finish ...... 5:05:40;  My 1st journey without walking but bothered  by plantar faciitis.

2. San Francisco - Most Challenging Course ............ 5:05:47; My 1st injury free journey.

3. Felt like, I got few more miles left on my wheels.

4. LSD of 13 miles tomorrow in preparation for Stage 9 of My Journey.


  1. Hi Arthur,

    Well you have nailed it for MM so no extra points for being a hero. Both are Long Beach races so not so big a deal to drop one and enjoy the other one more.

    Have you got your MM number yet? You might as well get the ball rolling and get your 2 stars....(and a lower number)

    1. Will send my MM application after the Long Beach International Bank Marathon.

      Fully recovered and will use Sunday's event as an easy long distance run. The goal is to do 15 miles LSD then pig out on the food. Hope it cool down a bit.

  2. As always, you are my inspiration. Awesome!!! I love how you have all your finish photos in order. Very cool.

    1. Thanks, Kepa! With enough points for the MM silver membership, it's getting harder to be motivated. Will use the event this Sunday as an LSD run