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Saturday, May 5, 2012

OC Marathon - Stage 6 of My Journey ..... Expo

May 4 ... First day of the OCM expo at the Fairground.  The door to the expo was just opened when I arrived. The line to get in was too long , fortunately, the full marathon registrants were allowed to cut in. Got my  swag/bib and shirt in 3 minutes.  Plenty of time to browse  around (wifey had to join the line and took her 30 minutes to get in). 

Good Luck to me and all the OCM runners !

What's In at  the expo?
For Cramp & Pain

Coconut water   
5 Hour Energy
A guy thought I was a fast runner because of the low bib #.  Told him that I got the number because of my age. Actually, members of the Legacy Club were assigned low bib #.


  1. Awesome number!..yah looks like you are an elite age grouper 8)

    Have a great race, Arthur!

    1. Thanks, Paul! Congrats on your awesome Eugene race. BQ is next!!!!!