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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Journey Status

Stage 6 - May 6 ....... OC Marathon

Training is going good. Logged 78 miles since LA Marathon. Longest LSD - 15 miles.  Will run an 18 to 20 LSD before taper week.  Knees and calves getting stronger. Sooo lazy..... do nothing but run, workout and rest. Got to get back to my exciting life ..... dancing, drinking, target shooting and fishing.

Stage 7 - June 3 ...... Ojai 2 Ocean Marathon

This is a fast course, a knee buster and BQ.  Took time to decide to register on this event. After 5 hrs the course will be opened to traffic and hydration stations will be closed. Runners can continue up to 6 hrs on their own.  Will take my chances on this, beside got 50% discount for being a medal finisher last year.

Stage 8 - July 29 .... San Francisco Marathon

The end of My Journey???????.  SFM will be my 8 marathons in 10 months and will be the most challenging course in My Journey.  It will also be the most memorable and significant run for the following reasons:
1. Run SFM since 2010 with my son.  It's a bonding event for father and son.
 2. Run the First Half in 2010, the 2nd Half in 2011 and the Full come July. For my effort, I will receive a   hoodie.

3. Will receive a commemorative medal for having run the LA Marathon and San Francisco Marathon consecutively.

After the Journey
Maybe an ULTRA.


  1. Is that the elevation chart for the Ojai Marathon? All downhill! I would love to do that one.

    That OC Marathon medal looks cool. You are amazing Arthur!

    1. Yes, its the elevation chart. Runners will be bused to Ojai which is 700 ft. above sea level. The course, which is mostly on trails and pathways, will gradually decline and finish near the Ventura pier.

  2. Hi Arthur!

    Lots of neet schwag for doing those marathons.

    I'm going to have to run Ojai some day...Love that downhill and the fact that it's point to point. June seems a bit late though esp so far south..might get warm.

    Hang in are almost done!

    1. Ojai course is fast and pretty good chance of qualifying at the Boston Marathon strong runners like you. If you like surfing, Ventura is the place to hang ten.

      Good luck in Eugene.