From 6 to 200 MPH

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OC Marathon ....... Stage 6 of My Journey

On May 6, I will be running my 6th marathon since October 2011.  I participated at this event since 2010 and for being registered this year, I am now a member of the legacy club.

I did well in my previous half marathons at this event and hopefully,  I can finish strong come May 6.

The Journey had taken toll on my knees and calves.  It's been a struggle finishing each stage of the journey. Instead of getting  stronger as the Journey progresses,  I been saddled with injuries that requires REST.

To increase/sweetened my chances of finishing My Journey, I devised a training program.
1.  1 mile run: 1 minute walk intervals at a 5+ hrs finish pace(approx . 11 minutes/mile).
2.  2 miles run: 1 minute walk intervals for the 1st 10 miles
     1 mile run:  1 minute walk intervals for the 2nd 10 miles.
     1 mile run: 2 minutes walk intervals from mile 20 to the finish line.

 Last Monday, I did the 2m/1m/10m  at 10:30 pace.  Next LSD will be a 16 miler.


  1. 6 marathons since Oct is incredible. My legs ache just thinking about it. After doing my first marathon last Dec I swore not to do another... but don't tell anyone that I signed up for the next years Honolulu Marathon, shhh! Way to go Arthur!

  2. @Kepa....I also told my self not to run anymore marathon 6 times and here I am, still running it. Honestly, it's a bit late for me to do the streak. It's quite a challenge. Have to suck it up, enjoy and pray. Good luck!