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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OC Marathon .... Stage 6 of My Journey... Result

Race day started at 3:30 am when the alarm clock woke me up.  Everything been ready before I went to bed so by 4:00 am, my wife and I were on 405S freeway heading towards OC Fair, Costa Mesa.  Arrived at the OC fair parking lot by 5:00 am, grabbed my breakfast bag(cereal and banana), hydration belt, told my wife to lock the car and go back to sleep.

A shuttle bus took runners to Newport Beach Fashion Island where the race started. The OC marathon passes through 4 cities( Newport Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana and Costa Mesa).  Went to my assigned coral and stayed behind  the 5 hr Pacer.  The race started at around 6:00 am, 30 minutes late. I ran with my group until the HM runners caught up with us.  Got carried away by the fast HM runners that I caught up with the 4:55 hr pacer. Ran with my new group up to Mile13 where I had to stop to check what causing the pain at the bottom of my right foot( point #9 ........ no wonder my shoulder also hurt, tight and as if I was carrying 10 kilos sack of rice. The wonder of Internet ..... instant expert). 

At first, I thought the cushion of my Brooks Pure Flow shoes moved and causing the pressure.  The cushion was in placed but the point where it hurt was swollen, same also on my left foot.  Blisters , one of the  dreaded runner injuries came to mind. Sprayed the areas with "Kool N Fit Sport conditioning Fluid".  Resumed running and was able to catch the 4:55 pacer,  stayed with the group up to Mile 19  where I had to stop again to check and spray my foot.  No skin breakout but the pain was getting intense. and started to limp.  I was already on a  walk mode when the 5 hr pacer caught up with me. Pride and stubbornness took over me and I kept up with them up to Mile 22 where pain and poor stability have taken control.

Walked for 3.5 miles where  the 5:10 hr pacer passed me, but as a consolation to my bruise ego, I passed a 4:10 hr pacer who I think  also got injured. Kudos to him though for carrying the pacer banner up to the finish line.

During the 3.5 miles walked, my body got used to the pain and I was able to adjust the landing of my foot and strides that I was able to jog the last .75 mile.  Crossed the finish line fresh and with smile. 

Split Times:
5Km:      34:40     Pace: 11:10
10Km:    1:10:18  Pace: 11:19
7.5 Mi:    1:2557  Pace: 11:28
 Half:       2:29:17 Pace:11:24
20 Mi:     3:48:14 Pace:11:28
26.2 Mi:  5:14:07 Pace:11:59

Your OK if you can smile and look fresh after 26.2 miles


  1. Art,Belated congratulations even if you did not PR. You persevered and finished. I think you should not get carried away and stick to you original plans as your pacing will be affected. When you get to the last 10K, if you are still strong, you can start making your move. Any way,you finished the race and will learn from your past experiences. Keep the running spirit.

    1. Thanks Joe! Got to be smarter, more stronger and focus on the next 2 stages of My Journey. Stage 7 which is on June 3, has a time limit of 5 hours (Course will be opened to traffic and hydration stations will be closed). Can still continue but no support, run on the sidewalk and obey traffic rules. Stage 7 is the San Francisco Marathon which is known for it's hilly course.

      Priority though, is my HEALTH and SAFETY.

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