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Thursday, December 8, 2011

CIM ...... Last Stage of My Journey To MM Bronze Level Membership

                                 Stage 1 ... 10/9 .... Long Beach Marathon ...... 4:48:00
                                 Stage 2 ... 11/6 .... Santa Clarita Marathon .... 5:07:05
                                 Stage 3 ... 12/4 .... Cal International ............... 4:53:15

Last Sunday, December 4, I ran my 3rd marathon within 90 days and qualified for the Maniac Marathon Bronze level membership.

Encouraged and motivated by the achievements of blogger friends, Paul ( and Ed(, I started my journey on October 9, 2011, after 3 months of training. Each stage of the journey had it's unique challenged and story to share.

Stage 3
December 4, 2011 ....... California International Marathon, Sacramento

The event was advertised as the fastest course where runners who want to qualify for the Boston Marathon or set Personal Record  register. The event sold out early and I was the last to register. My son had to register through the charity thing ($250 registration fee).  I was excited on this event and confident that I can set a PR.  It's also my passport to the MM bronze level membership. Things didn't turn out as expected. After the Santa Clarita Marathon wherein I ran in the rain, my Asthma came back. It's been under control for 4 years but stopped taking my daily medication about 4 months ago. My bad.  Didn't do any LSD run and started taking my medication again plus more (Advair, ProAir inhaler, cough syrup, ampicillin and benadryl).
My asthma was under control a week before the race and all set and ready for CIM.

On December 3, my son and I drove to Sacramento for the expo. Picked our bibs and race kits. The expo was small compared to Long Beach and San Francisco, but well organized.  The highlight of the day was went I met in person my blogger friend Paul.  I learned a lot from his blog and suggestions.
Paul is a silver level Marathon Maniac having ran 8 marathons within 365 days.
It's cold at the start line but after 2 hrs of running, the weather was perfect,  The course is flat and fast. Rolling hills and few turns and lined with spectators to cheers runners.  I ran as planned and at 10:30 pace. At the 20 miles marker, my split time of 3:31:48 was on target to beat my last year time of 4:42:00.  But after mile 20, I fell apart physically and mentally.  I was not tired nor hurt,  but something was wrong.  I spent more time in brisk walking than running/jogging. On the last mile where I usually do my old man sprint, I totally lost the will to run.  With head down, I walked toward the finish line. About 1/4 mile from the finish, my son who was waiting in front of Hyatt(he crossed the finish line an hour earlier) approached me and urged me to run. That there was still time to finish under 5 hours, that I should not gave up after getting this far. Finally, I gave in to his yukking and ran to the finish line.  My son and I walked back to the hotel, went straight to the bar, have a tequila shot, a glass of beer and nachos. Drove back to Walnut Creek, watched my grandson basketball game and have a late dinner.  What a Day!!!!!

I think, I need 3 days rest from running.  Will evaluate the situation and decide if running more full marathons will do more good  than bad to my health.

At the Finish Line... In agony but still looking good.

After Mile 20, when not walking.

Before Mile 20...Awesome!!!
Father and Son Priceless Moment.

Stage 2 
November 6, 2011 ...... Santa Clarita Marathon

For details click link.

Stage 3
October 9, 2011 ......... Long Beach Marathon

For details, click link.


  1. Congrats on the MM qualification Arthur! Great job and not something that many people can do at ANY age.

    Yes, I think the meds and asthma and forced layoff took a toll on you. But even so a 4:53 is nothing to sneeze at!

    So take a rest now, you deserve it! Don't do any hard running for at least 3 weeks is what I would do!

    In fact, I'm still sore in my Achilles tendons and plan to take it very easy for the next month or so.

    PS: my wife thought the climbing mt diablo idea was a great you know we have not gone up it yet after living here for 20+ years? Let us plan this for some time next year..

    Don't forget to let me know what MM number you get!...(me #4012)

  2. Congratulations to you and your son for finishing another marathon. Also for qualifying in the Maniac Marathon Bronze Level Membership. At least you accomplished your goal.

    It is nice you met your blogger friend, Paul in person. He sure is a tall fellow.The most I ran in a year was 6 marathons in 2006: Nat'l,DC-Mar25,Boston-Apr17,DE-May21,NYCM-Nov5 & NCTM,MD-Nov25.It was tough but I was younger then,he, he.

    That is the problem with and challenge of long distance running. One never knows what happens down the road until the race is over. It is hard on you especially that you have asthma. You are a motivated & persevering trooper.

    Get your hard-earned rest and keep up the good job. Btw, I did finish the NYCM in 4:54:07. The weather was perfect but did not have enough long dist. trng. runs that I bonked at abt mile 18.

    My best regards to you and the family. Enjoy the coming holiday season.

  3. @Paul....thanks! Physically, I am now fully recovered and resumed running since Wednesday. Just saw the proof of my picture crossing the finish line. It's a look of a confused man.

    Have to start training for Mt Diablo. Have a Happy Holidays!!!

  4. @Joe....Thanks, Joe! Had a racquetball game yesterday. One good thing is I recover quickly. Mentally though, I am not yet ready to run an event. Congrats on your NYCM run. Might try the lottery again next year.

    Maligayang Pasko at Na Imbag ya taon!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for posting your photos. I think you looked okay, not confused & still in good running form. Your son and you looked nice too. It is nice to have a running family.

    Your medals are beautiful. Hope to someday, run in one of these marathons.

    I, too, recover quickly. The following week after the NYCM, I ran a 10K race in 55:34. Good luck in the lottery for NYCM. I will be doing my 15th NYCM next year. We can run together then.

    My blog site is neglected(sorry to say) especially that I'm not good at it, photo posting and all. I wrote an article about my NYCM run for our running club newsletter(a 2-pager)and have pictures too but I don't know if I can put it in my blog. Easier for me, if I email to you. Any way, will try first in my blog site.

    Maligayang Pasko to you too. My best regards.

  6. Thanks, Joe! You are an inspiration. Hope someday we can run together. I will do a half marathon on January 26. On February 5, I will do the Surf City Marathon at new age category. Youngster at 70-74 age category.