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Monday, December 12, 2011

CIM ........ A Week After

Yesterday I did my 1st run on the road since CIM.  I set my garmin to virtual partner mode at the speed of 10:30.  I monitored closely my speed and made sure that it's not faster than 10 minutes/mile.  I ran at the bike path along the San Gabriel River and being Sunday had to be careful with the cyclists.

The 10 miles run that I intended to do was extended to 13.2 miles. Felt comfortable and strong at my set paced. It also gave me enough time to contemplate about my running plan for 2012.  Knowing I was fully recovered from CIM, I registered to my next events:

 January 7 ...... Southern California Half Marathon at Irvine.
 February 5 ... Surf City Marathon at Huntington Beach (Stage 4)
 March 18 ..... Los Angeles Marathon (Stage 5)

I am not decided yet if I am going to continue my journey for the next MM Criteria (8 marathons within 365 days). I already calendar the events, so the process will be in progress.  Also, I will run the Surf City at my new Age Group. The sweet 70 to 74 AG.

Distance ........... 13.2 Miles
Time ................. 2:16:19
Pace ................. 10:17

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