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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Santa Clarita Marathon Perspective

6:00am  Sunday
As I came out of the hotel, the first word that came out of my mouth was S H I T.  It was raining hard and cold. Told my wife to go back to sleep. With  a wind breaker and a trash bag as a raincoat, I walked to the start line which was a block from the hotel.  Few brave souls were around at the start area and kept myself dry at the PA tent. At about 6:30 am, the rain stopped and runners started assembling. At 7:00 am, 2909 enthusiastic runners(398 FM, 1313 HM, 1198 5K) answered the start gun.  Then it starts raining again and didn't stop till I crossed mile 6. Then the sun came out and another sunny day in California, perfect for running 26.2 miles.

My goal was to run slow and save myself from further wear and tear and to be strong on my 3rd marathon in Sacramento on Dec 4.

 Split Times
 5.5 Miles ....... 0:53:34  ....... 9:45 pace
15.3 Miles ...... 2:44:07 ........ 10:44 pace
21:5 Miles ...... 4:03:48 ........ 11:21 pace
26.2 Miles .... 5:07:05 ........11:43 pace

At mile 22 to mile 24, I ran super slow as the numbness on my small toes got bad and blisters on both feet started to develop. Half mile before the finish line, I increased my pace to under 10 minutes. With the finish line just 50 feet ahead, I heard the announcer called my name and urged the spectators to cheers a 69 years runner who still have smile on his face after running 26.2 miles. I responded  by sprinting to the finish line.
My 5 seconds of fame ...... sweet !!!!!


  1. Great going! You got it done!..good weather mojo too 8)

    See you in 4 weeks! Let's hope for good weather!

  2. Thanks, Paul! No vaseline at the expo so, I got blisters. Not serious though.

    See in Sacramento.

  3. Art,
    Great job. You persevered even with the uncooperative weather. Thanks for posting. The weather here for the NYCM was perfect but I did finish slow, 4:54:07. Could have done better but lacking in my long dist. training. Any way, not getting any younger, he, he.
    Keep up the good running spirit.

  4. Congrats on your NYCM, Joe! Kudos to your awesome finish time. Hope, I can do NYCM before hanging my running shoes. Will try the lottery again next year. At least, I got a NYCM training shirt.

    Training for the California International Marathon starts tomorrow. Marathon Maniac Bronze membership is just 4 weeks away.