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Friday, November 4, 2011

Santa Clarita Marathon Training

On Sunday, I will run my 2nd Full Marathon within a month.  It will be first for me and I got no clue on how to train for it.  All I got is a big heart,  good health and determination.  Anyway, to prepare for the event, I went through this training which can be either not enough or too much.

Week 1
110/9 - Long Beach Marathon 26.2 miles
11/12 - 2 miles
11/13 - 5 miles
11/15 - 5 miles

Week 2
10/17 - 7 miles
10/18 - 5 miles
10/20 - 14 miles
10/23 - 8 miles

Week 3
10/25 - 6.5 miles
10/27 - 6 miles
10/30 - 7 miles

Week 4
11/01 - 5 miles
11/03 - 3.5 miles
11/06 - Santa Clarita Marathon

Also workout at the "Y" (stationary bike, elliptical machine, curl, leg extension and racquetball ).

Good luck to all  NYCM runners, specially those who came from the Philippines to join this spectacular running event.


  1. Awesome Arthur!

    BUT: I would take it SUPER slow and easy. Think of it as an experiment more than a race. Or, think of it as a long training run for CIM. So you don't want to beat yourself up.

    After you get in 'no man's land' (miles 15-20) if you feel good you can always speed up!

    Looks like cool temps..which is really good, but might be some rain. If there is rain remember the bodyglide or vaseline on your feet so they don't get soft (and then torn up) from being wet all that time.

    Most importantly: Have fun!

  2. Good luck this Sunday. Your last was just 30 days ago so your training should be okay.

    I saw the Philippine runners taking pictures at the Jacob Javits Center Expo but was shy to talk to them. Happy running and good luck to them too.

  3. @Paul.... Thanks! The route is mostly on an open space, so it can be cold, wet and windy. With only 386 FM participants, it will be lonely out there. See you at CIM. Will e-mail my cell # later.

  4. @Joe...Been watching Universal Sports Channel and the NYCM is really an spectacular event. With all the world class runners and millions of spectator, its awesome. Are you running or a volunteer tomorrow? Good luck!

  5. Art,Thanks, I will be running my 14th NYCM. There are about 42,000 runners and the whole city is into the marathon this week. Good luck too and dress properly. The predicted weather here is 42 degees, no wind at the start into the mid fifties in the afternoon. We start at 10:10 a.m.