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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long Beach International City Bank Marathon Perspective!!!

Sunday 9, 2011

Perfect Sunday morning to run a marathon
Trained for this race for three months with a goal of finishing it without bonking.  Last year, I ran my first full marathon at the same Long Beach event and bonked at Mile 20. I almost gave up.

This time around, there was no doubt in my mind that I will finish my 2nd full marathon and I am not bonking.  I will run the race at the speed/pace as planned.  Finish Time is not a factor.

10 Km: 57:09   Pace: 9:12 - Enthusiastic runners and spectators got me distracted. Ran faster than planned.
12:5 Mile: 2:07:48  Pace: 10:19 - The most crowded portion of the course and few feets from the ocean.
18 Mile: 3:02:47  Pace: 10:10 - Got motivated by the cheers of LBSU students. Gave left and right high fives.
24 Mile: 4:20: 03 Pace: 10:51 - (Heat 80+) affected me. Drank lots of liquids but mouth still dry. Slow jogged.
26.2 Mile: 4:48: Pace: 11:00 - Speed up a little bit and crossed the Finish Line without Bonking  but _ _ _

Right after I received my finisher medal, I felt sick.  My legs and stomach cramped and had to be helped by my partner/wife walked to the car.  After resting for 30 minutes inside the car with the aircon on, I felt better. Had to sleep with wet towel on my forehead to lower my body temperature.  I think I got a mild case of heat stroke.  Oh well, the beauty of  running the full marathon _ _ _ Full of Surprises.

Race Details and Results:
Age: 69
Finish Time:           4:48:00 (5 minutes slower than my 1st marathon)
AG Place(65-69):  5 out 25
Overall Place:        1682 out of 3199 

The Fireboat

The Lighthouse

The Runners

The Corrals
The Finish Line
Post Race Celebration
The Bling


  1. Art, Congratulations on finishing your 2nd LBeach Marathon. Your training paid off and you are a trooper. It sure was hot but you persevered. You know I used to give hi-five's but don't any more unless I really have to cause they add up to getting tired & also disrupts the run. Any way, a well-done to you. Have a nice day.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Joey! Hope we can continue challenging our age. Good Luck and have fun with your grandchildren.

  3. Great account of the race! You have a very good medic in the person of Lucy. As I have said before you are strong and I just am wondering where you get all this strength. Congratulations Art!

  4. Thanks, Amado! Lucy is my trainer, nutritionist and sponsor. Get big support from her in my quest to conquer my age. Also, I get extra energy and strength from friends, like you. Good luck to your next run!

  5. Yo Arthur! Congrats on your 2nd marathon and in nasty heat no less. So far I have not had to run in such nasty conditions....don't think I would do well AT ALL.

    I'm sure if it had been sub-60F you would have PRed.

    Great finish place for your AG..too!

  6. @Paul..... Thanks for the congrats, Paul! Funny is the updated results listed me as on 4th and missed the 3rd place medal finish by seconds. Those few seconds could have been easily covered had, I not stopped to knot my shoelace.

    See you at the CIM event. I will be staying at Hyatt. CIM will be my 3rd marathons in 60 days.

  7. Hi Arthur,

    Ouch! I guess it's a lesson for us all to keep our shoes tied ;)

    thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know your at CIM! I'll be at the sheraton grand.

    Great your are trying a bunch of marathons now that your trained-up! There's no better way to get better at them then trying more of them!

    Perhaps we can meet up? Send me an email at and we can connect on email.