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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tough Workout Ahead

Had my first 10K workout with Amado Castro at the Fort last Thursday.  Good place to train and it's safe. Thanks Amado. Really needs the workout. Getting used to the climate but still feeling tired.

Ran 7 miles at the Ramos sport complex this morning. The sport complex is not far from the site where the US & Filipino forces landed to take back Manila from the Japanese during WW2. I was surprised to see many runners/joggers/walkers at such an early hours (5:30 am). I think, I outlasted all the guys using the track, because at the end of my 7 miles run, I was the only one on the track.The oval is about 1/4 mile. My schedule was to run 10 miles but after 7 miles, I felt like I ran 15 miles. Getting on top shape for the Condura run is getting tougher.
Will try another attempt of a 10 miles run before I head  back to Manila on February 3..

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