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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Condura Skyway --- My First Race in the Philippines

Before I recap my  Half Mary experience, I would like to congratulate the Conception brothers, Patrick and Ton for a well organized event.  Hydration stations and  medical aides were more than enough. The water spray stations was great.

Amado Castro(Reineer6666) and I,  arrived at  the start line (Ayala triangle) at 4:00am. Runners were excited and ready to go. Race marshals made sure that runners were at their assigned corral. Just before the start time, couple of trainers on the stage lead the runners for warm-up activities.  At exactly 4:30 am, the race started. Tried to keep pace with the runners on my wave (these are young runners) but found out that my old legs can't kept up with these young & enthusiastic runners. I ran the 1st 10K at a decent time (56:02) but the challenging skyway was too much for me. I trained around and at the base of Mount Diablo in northern California but the training was no match for the skyway(the heat and humidity took much of my energy). About three miles from the start line I went through the water spray station to cool down and it's only about 5:00 am. I struggled on the next 11 kilometers. Started asking myself where the skyway  exit is. I slow down on every hydration stations not for the water but for the wet sponge and it helped in cooling my body.  Less than 3 miles to the finish line & on the last incline, I decided to walk to the top (best decision I made). Then ran to the finish line at a respectable speed.

 Crossed the finish line with unofficial time of 2:13:21.  I was sweating profusely but felt good.
I felt good that I have 2 ice creams, a cup of beer, and almost drunk all the drinks in my loot bag.
Had my blood pressure checked at the medical station and it's  80/120(This is great considering that I am on b/p pills for 40 years).
Hang around for a while for the post race activities and tried to bond with some of my blogger friends, unfortunately, I was not able to meet any of them.  Running is indeed booming in the Philippines.


  1. Sir, I was keeping an eye out for you at the Skyway, but obviously, we never saw each other. Virtually impossible given the sheer number of runners and the fact that we came from different starting lines. Anyway, I'm glad you had a good run and came away with a good impression on the running scene here in Manila. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here before you head back to CA!

  2. Thanks, Julius! It was a great run and very happy to conquer the SKYWAY. Take care and see you at the NYCM.

  3. Congrats Arthur for the strong finish! I am sure you bested other runners a third of your age! Mabuhay!

  4. Hi Arthur,
    Thanks for your best wishes on my recent run..and congrats on your the heat and humidity are brutal....would need to live there a year just to do it at any pace 8)

    Check out this blog if you don't know it..he just ran that race and he always takes lots of good pics:

    When are you back in USA?

  5. @SR..... Thanks Ed. Stayed for a while at the Full Marathon redemption center hoping to meet some of my blogger friends. Sa susunod na takbo uli. I think the Condura Skyway event is not for the senior citizen. Will just do the 10K next time. Take care and good luck to your next race.

    @Paul ... My almost "70 is not a new 60" age showed in this run. Just glad, I finished it without medical problem. My son from Walnut Creek did the Surf City Run and was also impressed about the course and with the spectators. Take care