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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mojo No More??

Been in  PHP for 8 weeks now, and four(4) weeks since the Condura. I should be now  acclimated to the weather and running everyday should not be a problem. On the contrary, I can't complete  a 3 miles run  without walking.  Did I lost my stamina/endurance or MOJO?  I will be 69 years old in 5 days but I am not ready yet to blame  age the sudden lost of my endurance and speed.

Can hardly wait to run again at my home base and to find out if indeed, the Mojo is gone


  1. Oh don't sweat it (joke!). humidity and heat knock you down, period. Esp if your older.

    Don't worry, when you get back, all will be well.

    Come get the MOJO in Ca!


  2. That's what I am hoping, Paul!
    I like to be still running when I get to the new age group 70+. I will then be a baby at that group.
    Thanks and good luck to the LA Marathon.

  3. Look at your PR's... lost your Mojo? Are you kidding! You are amazing!

  4. You will kick butt in the 70+ group!

  5. @running Bubby .... thanks for the motivation. I hope I can carry some of my endurance and speed to the next age group.

    @Paul .... yeah, right! thanks Paul