From 6 to 200 MPH

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Condura Skyway Revisited with Photos

At the 21K Start Line. Photo by Amado Castro

My Sponsor. Amado Castro ( Reinier6666)

Watching for Uneven Road Surfaces. 
Ran with badly bruised knee, courtesy of Luneta Park Pothole.

Before the Finish Line.
Somewhere along the route, I was surprised when overtaken by runners
with fresh legs and smile. Learned later that these are runners from different categories. 

Post Race Photo
I doubt if their are runners older than me (69).
Unofficially, I claimed  #1 Place at my Age Group.

Misc Photos At The Fort.
Lower Right is My  Numero Uno Supporter.

Recovery Run
Dust off her arse for 45 minutes bare footed.
Result:  Plantar Faciitis and White Sand on My Face

This One for the Dolphins.


  1. Great pictures Art! I hope you enjoyed your stay in Boracay.

  2. Thanks, Amado! We have great time at Boracay. Wish I am still young so that, I can try those water sports specially the scuba diving.