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Friday, March 4, 2011

First Run At My Home Base

After three (3) days adjusting to the new time zone, I decided to run around the golf course last night. I was a little bit nervous because as I mentioned on my previous blog (Mojo No More), this run will be a test if , I still have the endurance without gasping for air/ heavy breathing.

The night was perfect for running with the temperature on the high 60F. Told my wife that I will run  for 30 minutes.  Felt good that the 30 minutes run turned to an hour and most satisfying, I was able to maintain a pace under 10 min/mile. 

Next test will be on Sunday. A 10 miles run along the beach.

Distance:                      7.03 mi
Time:                          01:09:07
Avg Pace:                  09:49 min/mi
Best Pace:                  06:57 min/mi


  1. See? Get back to dry and cool and were supermen again 8)

  2. You are right, Bob! Weather condition really matter.

    Good luck to your LA run.

  3. Like a fish back in water! Hope you had a good flight back home, sir. Maybe I can look you up when I visit my brother (in Sacramento) for Christmas.

  4. Vacation in the Philippines was great. Temperature amd humidity really matters. And to think that I considered doing the BDM102 to celebrate my 70 B'day(was born few days before BDM). My bad for even thinking about it.

    Good luck and run safely tonight(BDM102).