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Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Race - 2011

2011 First Race

Kaiser Permanente SC Half Marathon
January 8, 2011

The Half Marathon & 5K are hosted to benefit Woodbridge High School athletics as well as the other Irvine schools whose runners participate in the race. The Half Marathon has grown substantially over the last sixteen years. There were about 950 runners in the first year of the Half Marathon. Last year over 4,500 runners participated in what has become a premier running event in Southern California.  The race has earned the honor of being an official warm-up race for the L.A. Marathon, & the O.C. Marathon.

$50 Registration Fee

No Funfare Start/Finish Line and a cotton shirt keep the fee very affordable compared to other events in Southern California or the Rock 'n' Roll Series. Awesome freebies.

Race Day Packet Pick Up

I have reservations on this race.  I knew I was not fully recovered from my week long(Christmas to New Year) bout of fever, coughing, aching joints and stomach virus.  I ran my long run of 10 miles on January 6 to find out if I was ready.  I was tired and breathing hard after the run.  My son recommended that, I take it easy and consider this as a warm - up run for my next run.

The Race is On

Race didn't start well with me. My garmin battery was low and could not reset it. Had to use the clocks located at the 5K, 10K & 10M markers to track my time. Route is flat and 50% is on  paved trails along the San Diego Creek. Lots of enthusiastic High School students participated, mostly cross country runners. Spectators/supporters were located throughout the route giving cheers and encouragement. There were six(6) hydration stations  manned by Woodbridge High School students, the main beneficiary of the event. At the 10 miles marker, the clock showed 1:32:26, same split time as my Vegas run. But, with 2+ miles before the finish line, my legs got heavier, breathing through my mouth and started coughing.  On several occasions, I was tempted to stop running & just walk to the finish line. I was tired.  The thought of a repeat of my 2010 first race in San Diego (I dyhydrated and almost pass out at the 12 miles marker and had to walk to the finish line.), encouraged me to keep running but at slow jog pace. Also, a  puffed from my asthma inhaler helped me get more air into my lungs(I always carry an albuterol inhaler).   

 Finish Line

With mouth opened and clinched right fist, I turned toward my wife for a good action shot before I crossed the finish line.  Found a good spot to rest my legs and catch my breath. After 10 minutes of silent, I asked my wife if she knew the time I crossed the finish line.  I could not believed it when told that it was 2hr:04m.
I checked the posted results and it was indeed a good race. 

    Tag Time: ...........     2:04:42
AG Place (65-69) .... 8/22
          Overall Place ....      1305/4152
 My next race will be on February 6 in the Philippines.


  1. What a nice way to start the year...congratulations Arthur!

  2. Thanks SR! Hope I will have a decent Condura run.

    Good luck and have an injury free 2011.

  3. Awesome run! See you in Manila, sir!

  4. Thanks Julius. Will see you at the starting line/finish/skyway. I will be wearing a Tee shirt with my name on it.