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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Workout in PH

Had my first workout in PH ....... on a treadmill.  Did a 10K run at SM North Mall.  One day membership is pretty expensive compared to 24 hrs fitness and at the Y but I have to run to remind body and soul that old Art is still active.

Will workout on the road next week.  Plenty of time to prepare for the Condura event.


  1. Hi Arthur,

    Took me a second to figure out what "PH" is ;) What's the outside temp/humidity?


  2. Arthur, sounds like you're having a great time. Have fun and continue the preparations. Please tell everyone hello for me!

  3. Hi Paul,
    The humidity is the killer, specially after the rain. Ran twice at the park near the US embassy at 4:30am and my endurance when I just started running 3 yrs ago is much better. Can only managed to run 8 miles in 2 days.
    Will just have to take it easy.
    Good luck to your surf run. My son is already excited to get his jacket.