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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

San Francisco Marathon Training Update!!!!!

SFM will be the most challenging stage of my Journey and to survive it, I should be strong and free of all the pains that bothered me in my previous races.

I had a good training plan coming to this race (July 29), unfortunately, 2 injuries within 3 weeks didn't help.  LSD of 20 miles is now out(ran 11 miles a week ago and after the ran can't turned my head or raised my right arm above my head). Will do a 16 miles week before the race, though.

My Injuries (Playing racquetball) :
1. Sprained ankle ...... recovered
2. Bruised ribs ........... recovered
3. 1" cut on my chin ... healing
4. Neck and shoulder spasms ... on recovery
5. Dislocated jaw ....... still hurt and 9 images inconclusive(next step will be a visit to an specialist).
6. Plantar Faciitis ........ Cortisone shot on my right foot (felt good) and shoe filler for better arch support.
                                    The foot doctor wants to fit me with custom molded orthotics  but decided to try                                         shoe filler first(orthotics is expensive).

Recovery / Training Program:
1. Spa every morning after workout.
2. Treadmill with gradual increase of incline up to 12".
3. Run 3 times a week with a total distance of 20 miles
4. Next week will run 16 miles.
5. No more racquetball.

After the cortisone shot and a day before my second accident.


  1. Hang in there! You are finding a way to hold it together.
    Remember for MM pace doesn't matter only getting the marathons done!

    1. The recovery from my injuries gave my body the rest I needed. Felt stronger and without pain running short distances. Monday, I will find out if indeed, I am fully recovered and stronger(scheduled to run 16 miles).

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the motivation, Kepa!

  3. You're inspiring, Arthur! I'm adding your blog to mine. When I'm complaining about a few aches and pains as a fellow senior runner, I can use your stories as motivation to keep plugging away. Training for my first ever marathon, so I can use all the motivation I can get. :) Best wishes and I hope all your injuries are little bitty ones that go away fast!

    1. Thanks TLS! Good luck on your marathon training and kick some young arses during the race.