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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Journey Update

On July 29 at the San Francisco Marathon Finish Line,  My Journey to the Marathon Maniacs silver membership ends. Eight marathons within 365 days can easily be the highlight of my running days and I am glad that I took the Journey.

But .......... after the SFM, there are still 69 days left before the year is up.  Why settle for an apple, if you can have an apple pie?  Just like those professional athletes who don't know when to quit,  I decided to continue  My Journey and added two(2) more events. Good Luck to me.

My Journey  as seen at the Finish Line.

Injuries Update:
1. Cramps - Under control..  Didn't bother me in my last ran.
2. Plantar Fasciitis - soak my feet in ice water after workout. Added 3/16" thick cushion in my shoes.
3. Bruised Ribs - still hurt when I sneeze or cough.
4. Will see doctor on June 28.  Will request for cortisone shots.
5. Graston Technique(GT) sessions next month for plantar fasciitis.

What's Next:
As far as running, don't know what I will be doing after My Journey.  One thing is sure though, I am FADING.


  1. You are awesome. I am rooting for you Arthur!

    1. Thanks, Kepa! The pressure is at the SFM. I will just take it easy on the last 2 events.

  2. Awesome Arthur! Keep it together! Long beach is so close to SF! Cool that the 2nd long beach is just 2 days before the year mark .hehheh..perfect.

    10 is a nice round number 8)

    1. Thanks, Paul! the 1st Long Beach is a low key event organized by Rocket Racing Production and is limited to 50 runners. The course is the beach walk portion of the big event. Rather than do a 20 mile LSD, I might as well join the event. It's in MM race calendar.

      Congrats on your last race. That's a great write-up.

  3. Congratulations on your tough accomplishments/achievements! I am sure you will complete your MM journey without no problem. The most(marathons) I did in a year was 6 at 65-66 yrs., younger than you. You are a hardcore marathoner.

    It's nice your cramps didn't bother you. Try to recall what you did before & during the race that may have controlled it, i.e. hydration, w/up, carbo-loading, etc. You can apply it before a race. I had plantar faciitis on my right foot when I first started running but it amazingly went away. The only therapy I used was rolling golf balls under my feet. This the first time I hear about Graston Technique. I hope it will help.

    The General said,"Old soldiers never die, they just fade away". So with us runners but we keep running any way. Take care.

    1. Thanks, Joe! I also use golf and tennis balls to massage my forefoot and heel. It feels good. The Graston Techique uses a deep type cross-fiber massage with stainless steel instrument to treat and break up scar tissue. Will give you feedback on the therapy.

      Take care.

  4. Congrats on what you are about to accomplish - 8 marathons in one year your age. That's incredible! Runners half your age can't even do that. Good luck on your coming SFM.

    1. Thanks, Fr. Picx! Faith and perseverance are what keep me going.

      Will follow you through your blog on your next adventure.