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Monday, February 6, 2012

Surf City Marathon ......... Stage 4 of My Journey. Done!!!!

A perfect weather for a Marathon Event at Huntington Beach. The City known for Surfing and The Beach Boys. 

This is Stage 4 of My Journey and might be the end of my journey to MM silver label membership.  I started the race behind the 4:45 hrs pacer.  I trained and ran my LSD at this pace and confident that there will be no problem sticking to it. Unfortunately, my right calf injury started acting up again at mile 19 and on the last 6 miles, got cramped several times.  Did more walking than running/jogging.  On the bright side, I didn't have a mental meltdown like at CIM.  I was able to run/jog the last 1 mile and look good when my name was called by the announcer as I crossed the Finish Line.

My new AG (70 - 74) was loaded with strong and competitive runners.  Of the 19 runners, 3 run under 4 hrs, 3:27:46 being the fastest by a 72 years old.

AG: 70 - 74 
Net Time: 5:11:57
AG Place: 9 out 15

Split Times:
3 Miles:      31:47 ....  Pace: 10.36
6 Miles:      1:03:18 .. Pace: 10:33
12.2 Miles: 2:10:54 ....Pace: 10:44
20.9 Miles: 3:56:35 ....Pace: 11.20
26.2 Miles: 5:11:57 ... Pace: 11:54

Priceless Moment!  

With Finisher and Beach Cities Challenge Medals.


  1. Wow, that is great! I love your race summary. Sorry about the injury. Finishing with your injury says a lot about you, not to mention that you are still running marathons. Having 3 people finish under 4 hours in your age group is something. If you get a chance, do the Honolulu Marathon. You will finish well in your age group.

    1. Thanks, Kepa! My son told me that I am over training and no need to run 20 miles LSD between events. I ran 185 miles between CIM and Surf City. Stage 5 of my Journey (LA Marathon) on March 16 is now up in the air.

      Honolulu and Maui are events that I might do before hanging up my running shoes.

  2. Art, Congratulations on completing your stage 4 and MM Silver label membership. You were able to finish inspite of your injury acting up.This shows your toughness. There is always someone faster and don''t despair. In long distance races, it is hard to predict the outcome until it is over. Finishing is the main thing to be happy and thankful for. Btw, I ran Honolulu in 2003(4:20:21)and they have a nice course and weather as well. Would like to do it again if I could. There were many Japanese runners and I didn't do well in my age group(60's-116/792). Rest and recover well. Keep the running spirit.

  3. Thanks buddy! I am starting to doubt myself that long distance is for me. It's The Journey that keep me going. I am now halfway to my destination and it will be a big disappointment if I don't make it.
    I will see my Doctor this morning and I will follow his recommendation(s). Still have 6 months to run 4 marathons.

    Take care and have fun with the Apo.

  4. Long distance running is tough and especially that you are in the MM program too soon. Any way, listen to your body. There will always be races to run in the future.

    I hope your doctor is sports oriented or has been into running. Sometimes doctors are overly cautious.

    I agree with your son. For me, it is better to be under-trained than over-trained. In between the body needs to recover. You take care of yourself. Here's praying that your injury is not too serious.

    1. Doctor concerned about my cramping even while sleeping. Had a lab work for calcium and potassium deficiencies. Scheduled for physical therapy. I am still sore but legs are stronger. Did some stationary bike exercise.

      Hoping the LA registration still open before I see the therapist.

  5. Hi Arthur,

    Sorry about the cramp...argh. Reminds me of Long Beach 2010..same thing. Takes a full 6 weeks to repair a strain...I went on it in good for marathon. But we finished as you did!

    Hope you figure out the recipe to avoid the cramping....I think some PT and massage is great. Make sure you don't have any trigger points in that cramp area...just makes it more likely to happen again.

    Do you take a multivitamin? My Dr. said after age 50 or so one should esp if you are an athelete..gut doesn't take up vitamins and minerals as well when you age and so cheap insurance. (He was 70, a triathelete when he told me this ;)


    1. My cramping started after I did Mount Diablo. Pain behind my right knee developed and been with it since then. During my training and LSD the pain will turn into mini cramp. The real problem though, is while sleeping I will be awaken by a big time cramp. I have a busy/happy feet.

      Been taking Centrum Silver, Vitamin C, Magnesium and fish oil. Been working out on the stationary bike and walking at the Park. Yesterday, I jogged 5.5 miles and leg was strong.

      Also, bought a Brook Pureflow Shoes and test run it at the Y for ten minutes. No muscle pain.

      I think, I will do the LA Marathon. Got 5 weeks to recover. No LSD run and will just do slow/jog training.

      GOOD LUCK on your Eugene Run.