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Monday, January 16, 2012

Surf City Marathon ......... Stage 4 of My Journey

This oceanfront course is a California dream. Run on Pacific Coast Highway, past the famous Huntington Beach pier and wind through the legendary surfing beaches of Southern California. Surf rock riff bands entertain along the way and the finish line beach party includes a beach side beer garden in the California sun.

"The Perfect Start/Finish"

Picture this..."a start wreathed in light fog, led out by a covey of restored classic woody sedans and lifeguard vehicles," complete with surfboard storage on top! Marathon & Beyond Magazine calls it a "perfect start/finish." All races begin to the soundtrack of the Beach Boys' Surfin' USA and the cheers of local surfers from Huntington Beach's original surfing club, The Longboard Crew.
Surf City, Here We Run!

"The Journey"

On February 5, I will run Stage 4 of my Journey to the Marathon Maniac Silver Level Membership.  It will be my 4th full marathons in 5 months and 1st on my new AG(70 - 74).


My training is hampered by a calf (behind the knee) injury caused by challenging Mount Diablo and trail running in northern California.

Training was limited to the following:
  1.  10m  - 1
  2.  13.1  - 2 (1-road race)
  3.   15m - 2
  4.   Several 10k and 5k

Will try a  20 miles LSD run before taper week.


  1. I have a nagging injury in the same place (behind the knee). It has been getting better, but healing is taking a long time. During my younger days I spent a lot of time surfing at the Huntington Pier. It looks nothing like it did in the 60's and 70's.

  2. Arthur, you have been tagged. See my blog post titled "My First Tag".

  3. Art, How's your calf? Do some calf exercises, only a week to go. I think your training is sufficient. Take it easy and good luck.