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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Southern California Half Marathon ...... Goodbye AG

Last Sunday I bid goodbye to my AG(65-69) by running the KP Southern California Half Marathon.  With 4000 participants, it's one of the biggest low profile event in Southern California. About  50% of the participants are high school and middle school students from the Orange and Los Angeles Unified Schools. It had the atmosphere of a high school athletic event with coaches, trainers, boosters and tents.  Nice to see these enthusiastic youngsters up this early.

Before the Race

My Trainer and Sponsor

Starting Line

After the 13.1 Mile Run

 Time:                        2:05:18
AG Place:                  6th out of 15
Overall Place:            1354th out of 3954

It's been a great running year for me and what a way to bid goodbye to AG (65-69).

Last AG Year Performance:
1. Set 10K PR at 53min:47sec
 2. Set Half Marathon PR at 2hr:01min:54sec and 2 Podium Finishes
 3. 3 Full Marathons within 90 days and qualified for the Marathon Maniac Bronze Membership

 My Credo:
 1. No Training Short Cut or Substitute.
 2. Patience will take me to my Running Goals
 3. No Pain Killer or PED


  1. Congratulations on your last AG 1/2 marathon. Your performances are awesome. Fast PRs and all. Congrats too for qualifying in the Marathon Maniac Bronze Membership. You surely accomplished your goals. I like your creed. With it, I am certain you will do good in your new AG and beyond. Keep up the good job.

  2. Congrats dad, it just means you will be more competitive in your new age group.

  3. Congrats dad this just means you will be even more competitive in your new age group.