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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rock "n" Roll in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Blvd will be closed on Dec 5 for the Rock "n" Roll Marathon

This coming Sunday, I will run my last 2010 race. It will be my 6th half marathon this year. I trained for this event for 6 weeks with 2 goals:
1. To set new PR. 
2. Run the Half Mary under 2 hours.

Unfortunately, last tuesday, my wife and I got sick (the flu shot didn't do it's job).  I am now fully recovered and started running again since yesterday (easy & taper run).  I have to abandon my goals and hope I get lucky at the casino or at the bar(I think this is  much tougher goal).


  1. Really sucks when you catch a cold or flu...bargh.

    Anyway, hope you have a fun race...I'll cross fingers for good weather and a good run!


  2. Thanks for the motivation, Paul. Good weather is what I need. For a fun race, maybe I will drop by one of casinos along the route, play and back to the race.