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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Personal Run .......

Have you ever run an event because of personal reason?  I did last Sunday.  With a week notice and just 2 weeks from my first marathon, I decided to join my son in running a 10K in Lafayette, CA to kick some big asses. The course is very challenging with an uphill grade of 6% (street to the reservoir rim trail) and a downhill grade of 7%. Also, it's  an 800 miles drive for me.

I have to do this event. Years ago, while with my son, his wife and in-laws for a breakfast in Lafayette, I was slighted by the restaurant because of my race.  Never mentioned the incident to anyone,except to my wife.  Forgot all about the incident till my son  told me about the Lafayette Reservoir Halloween Run.

I have a score to settle and I will settle it by what I do best ----- running and a podium finish.  From start to finish, I gave all I got,  uphill, downhill no problem (actually been running downhill dangerously). I finished strong  ....... unfortunately, I came out short of my goal, one second short to be exact for a 3rd place finish.  At least, in the field of 14 runners in my age group(60 - 69),  I kicked  10 asses.  That's pretty good score
and if you consider that, I am the oldest in that group, it's double the pleasure.  

Event --------------- Lafayette Reservoir Halloween Run
Time ---------------- 55m :36sec
Age Group Place --- 4/14
Overall Place ------- 217/528


  1. Nasty course. But you killed it!

    Sorry you ran into some crappy people there previously 8(....

  2. I had to admit that the locals are good runner.
    Northern California is a runner dream ..... clean air, nice weather, & miles and miles of open spaces and ridges.