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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long Beach Marathon Revisited with Pictures

Early morning of October 17 in Long Beach.  Runners started trekking to the Starting Line.

View from the sky. Runners all set to go.  Long Beach Marina & Queen Mary on the background.

Long Beach Fireboat  & the Queen Mary

And off they go.

Runners as they passed the Lighthouse

Newbie's Mistakes
1. Trained for 8 weeks to come up with a plan, then ditched it at the starting line. Chased the 4:15 to 4:26 hrs pacer, instead of staying with my wave pacer (4:26 to4:45 hrs). 
2. Trained to run 5 miles and walk 2 minutes intervals. Didn't walk till mile 17.

The Humbled One
From mile 18 to 24, my legs stopped listening to my command.  My arms were moving faster than my legs and to add insult to my woe, my wave pacer overtook me.  My training, focus and determination to finish my first marathon was tested and I  passed the challenged.  Didn't stop to catch my breath, to rest or stretch my aching legs.

Mind & Body Working Together Again
Got back my strength on the last 2.2 miles and was able to run non-stop at a decent pace.

The Triumphant One
Hands raised & smiling face as I crossed the Finish Line, said it all .... the feeling and the reasons, I love running.

Gun Time -- 4:58:58
Net Time -- 4:42:49


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