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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Running Schedule and Update!!!!!!

It's been more than a week into 2014 and still don't have a clue of what the year is going to be for my active lifestyle.  Stuffy nose, chest congestion  and coughing prevented me from running since the California International Marathon.  Lacing up doesn't come easy anymore. For sure, it will be another down running year for me. 

A look back at 2013

It's been a down year as far as running was concerned. Ran 3 marathons with average time of 5h:15m and struggled big time at the CIM.  The weather (22F) and injuries  sidelined me for a month and confirmed my decision not to run full marathon anymore.

On the bright side, I cleaned up the AG awards on the 10K events held at the neighboring cities of Long Beach with an average time of 56 minutes.

2014 Schedule

1. Ready or not, I will be at the starting line of the Surf City Half Marathon next month. 
2. OC Half Marathon
3. Berkeley Half Marathon
4. Long Beach International Bank Half or Full Marathon.
5. 2 - 10K

To fill up the up the time, I usually spend training and running full marathons , I will do the following;
1. Community work at the Indian reservation in San Pablo and San Diego.
2. Fishing
3. Play racquetball 5 times a week.

Los Alamitos 10K

Cypress 10K

La Palma 10K
Long Beach 10K

OC Marathon
Long Beach Marathon

California International Marathon  

1 comment:

  1. Hey Arthur, Yes, prob a good idea to avoid the Fulls had some good streaking!

    Return to your love of the 10k and the HM! (and racketball? 8)

    See you at Surf!