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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Long Beach International Bank Marathon - 2013

Ran my last Long Beach full marathon and in December will run my last full marathon in Sacramento. Will continue running Half and 10K, though. The lower part of my body from foot to lower back can't take the pounding anymore. At mile 7, I removed my socks because the ball on my foot hurt so bad(experienced this during training and by running without socks ease the pain). Ran at a decent pace and on target for under 5 hrs finish up to mile 24. When my hip and lower back pain became unbearable, I decided to walk all the way to the finish line. It's a good decision because I was able to enjoy the post race celebration. Got me 4 cups of ultra light beer and went to Hooters with wifey, son, brother and friend for the much needed nutrients. Love those chicken butts.  

Beat my OC Marathon time by 30 seconds sooooo .......... it's a 2013 PR     

The Long Beach International City Bank Marathon

Race Standings

- 2077
- 1367
-       6
-    360
-                 71
-        06:28:45
-                   00:32:54
-                 01:05:05        
-                 02:19:35
-           03:39:50
-           05:11:14


  1. Art, Congrats on finishing LBch Marathon. Even with your hurting feet, you made good time. Good decision to do shorter races. You can always move up when you feel well, stronger and in shape. Get rested and take care.

    1. Thanks Joe. With the help of a YMCA trainer, I am now fully recovered. I will look into the orthopedic sole and see if it can correct my foot problem.

      Run safe and take care.

    2. Good to hear you are fine. Run with shoes of at least 10 oz/shoe wt. or more. Do before and after exercises/stretches during activities. Return to running slowly, maybe start with walking.
      I just ran NH marathon in Bristol on Oct. 5 with a slow time of 5:02:39; 57th total & 20th U.S. state marathon. Getting ready for NYCM on 3 Nov.

      Get well and all the best.

  2. Good luck at NYCM. Will run the CIM in Sacramento 1st week of December. Might be my last FM. Still hoping that I can do the Vancouver next year.
    Take care and run safely.

  3. Hey Amigo!
    Good job on the LB marathon and PR!
    Wish I was at CIM but was away too long to prep for that one or I'll be at Surf City on Feb 2. Going to run the half there?

    Sorry your back/hip pain was bugging you..I do get a pretty tight lower back after running...probably need to strengthen something down there..8/

    Keep up the running!

    1. Hi Paul! Just arrived today from a week of baby sitting in Walnut Creek. Did some running at some of the never ending trails near Mt Diablo. Surf City half is also on my 2014 schedule. Will see you there.

    2. Great! Lets try to meet up at the expo.