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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Honda LA Marathon ........... Training Update!!

This morning, I ran my farthest LSD since SurfCity Marathon(2/5), a 16 miler. Calves seems to be alright. It tightened up at miles 7 and 12 but didn't develop into a cramp. This will be my last LSD and will just do gym workout and lots of stretching till the LA Marathon (3/18). 

Mile 1 -    10:39
Mile 2 -    10:57
Mile 3 -    10:49
Mile 4 -    10:55
Mile 5 -    10:57
Mile 6 -    10:53
Mile 7 -    11:06
Mile 8 -    11:20

Mile 9 -    11:19

Mile 10 -    10:45
Mile 11 -    10:49
Mile 12 -    10:59

Mile 13 -    10:58

Mile 14 -    11:28
Mile 15 -    11:34

Mile 16  - 11:26


  1. Good even pacing!

    Glad the calves are behaving.

    Wish I was running LA too but signed up for Eugene instead for some reason 8/

  2. Thanks, Paul! You mentioned on your blog about foot problem. Don't know if it's same problem I got. Foot (Lt and Rt) hurt on my heel and midfoot (ball of big toe) so bad during the 1st mile of the run. It's like wearing ankles weight strap. Ice, foot massage with warm water and tennis ball massage keep it under control.

    Good luck at in Eugene.

  3. Good Luck at the LAM. You did very well in your LSD, too good. I think your paces in your training runs are quite fast. Mine goes from 12 upwards. As for your hurting midfeet and heels, it maybe caused by your using a lighter shoe & therefore with lesser cushion. Your former shoes must have been heavier than the Pure Flow. I use 11 or so ounces(per shoe)for marathons & 7-8 ounces for shorter distances. For bottom of feet massages, I like using golf balls. Again, Good Luck this Sunday. Take care, keep cool and be mentally strong especially near the end of the marathon.

    1. Thanks, lakay Joe! You are right about the PureFlow shoes. It's a transitional shoes for minimalist runners. Not much rubber/cushion between the asphalt and the feet causing pain at bottom of my feet and my lower back. Worried about my lower back because the disc is almost gone and the pain is paralyzing, though it haven't bothered me lately. I will use a newly broke-in asics commulus 13 at the LA Marathon.

      Take care and have fun with the apos.