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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Old Age Not An Excuse, It's an Advantage!!

I like to share an e-mail  I received from fellow senior citizen runner, Joe Saley.  His resume shows that old age is not an excuse of not living a healthy and active lifestyles.  I ran with him at the Condura Skyway Event and he kicked my ass ..... I am younger than him.

Joe SaleyRunner(Slow),Retired USN & USPS

Thanks for the tip on how to start a blog site. I will try to start one soon. You are right. Us senior runners should motivate and encourage the younger ones and even other seniors to be into running/jogging or even walking when we talk about our running experiences and all. Thanks for guys like BR( and Amado(reinier6666 ) who are very good role models.

Setting a goal is good as it helps one to train harder and if it is not doable there's nothing wrong about it as long as one tried one's best. As for dreams, all of us have dreams. I think it is nice & healthy to dream. I'm a dreamer myself.

I have ran the NYC marathon 13 times; 11 consecutive times (2000 to 2010) and in 1994 & 1995. As a NYRR member, I easily got in from 2000 to 2008. In 2008, NYRR started the 9 + 1 for members where one has to ran & finish 9 NYRR qualifying races and do volunteer work once in a NYRR race. This has to be done a year before the NYCM. I have already done next year's volunteer requirement so all I have to do are the 9 races. After next year, I will have completed 15 NYCM and that automatically gets me in future NYCMs. For Boston marathons,( please pardon the bragging) I've done 5 consec. of them when I was younger(62-66) in 2003 to 2007. I'm dreaming of my 6th in 2012. He, he.

Once a runner, always a runner is what I say. Don't complete your journey yet. Keep running/jogging/walking as long as you can. As we are getting older, we don't have to be fast, I might say, just keep going. That is my ultimate goal. This should keep me fit, busy(aside from baby-sitting my 1-yr,4mos. baby girl apo) and away from the hospital.

Coming from Benguet in the northern Pinas, our common language is Ilocano but we also have our dialect; Kanka-na-ey & Ibaloi( btw, similar to Pangasinan). Most of my H/S classmates in Baguio City High School '53-'58 were from Pangasinan so I understand a few Pangasinan.


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