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Saturday, August 7, 2010

SF Marathon Pictures

The Golden Gate Bridge and Berkeley Pier

Runners on the roadbed of Golden Gate Bridge.
Arthur and Dr. Rafael Tomacruz crossing the Golden gate Bridge.

Embarcadero finish line and the Bay Bridge.

California Dreamin' Race Series -- Run the series within 2 years and get a medal shaped like the California map and a jacket. Based on the long line of runners getting their awards, it's a very successfull marketing promotion of the three events.


  1. Congrats Arthur..Just blogged my 26.2 SFM here:
    Good luck in Long Beach!

  2. Hi Ed! I dropped by your blog and that's one impressive photo presentation/recaps of your SFM
    ran. Good luck to your upcoming races and hope to see in Manila.

  3. Really nice photos Arthur. Keep on running!

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Wayne! goodluck to your San Jose Marathon. Run safely.