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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Most Depressing and Motivating Moment .... of Senior Runner

Last year, while on a 10K run, a 12 year old runner zipped by me in full stride without breaking a sweat. At that moment, as if I just saw my whole life pass me by, I sadly said to myself, am I really this old? Did I really regress this much? I was depressed and carried this feeling to the finish line.
While waiting for the award ceremony to start (I came in 3rd on my age div), I still felt bad. I tried to picture myself at age 12 knowing that as a kid, I was the fastest & most daring boy in the block. Sadly, all athletic activities stopped after grade school though, I had my moments. I was already at peace with myself and of my limitations, when the boy's name was called for his medal. I applauded and wished to see him run when he gets to be my age.

Now, at 68 years young, I train harder, run more miles and more focus, not because I want to be competitive, but to take advantage of my daily blessing and enjoy life at its fullest. After all, there is life, other than chasing and yelling at the grandchildren.


  1. Well, THAT's the spirit. You inspire me Arthur. Lately I've been on the downside, not having the time to train. And because of my frustration, I tend to eat and eat. Result? 10 lbs more weight. Now, THAT should be enough reason for me to find the time to run. But still, couldn't find the motivation. Now that I've read this post, I am again inspired to go out there and run. Thanks Arthur!

  2. Thanks, Nora! I am glad that my post had motivated/inspired you to hit the road again. Take care and enjoy your daily blessing.