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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Las Vegas View From a Runner

Inspired by a friend who always incorporate running to his vacation/business schedules, I planned a run at the Las Vegas Strip when I attended my high school reunion. I knew how the strip look like at night and inside the casinos, but not much at daytime. With a camera and bottled water, I started my running tour of the Strip at 6:20 am in front of LV Hilton. Traffic was light and very few pedestrians. It was a fun ran, enjoyed it & took pictures of hotels/casinos along my route. I counted 11 runners/joggers, saw Elvis Presley on his way to a gig, saw a wasted young lady , 2 pretty women with a pimp for early appoinment and a couple on their way to the wedding chapel. I found my pacer and ran behind her but had to break away when she started looking back.

I turned around at mile 4.18 which was at corner of Las Vegas Blvd & Topicana Blvd. Below are some of the pictures I took during my ran. Click pictures for zoom view.


  1. What nice perspective Senior Runner! Will you be running SF this July? The Golden Gate, Alcatraz and the Embarcadero would be nice to view from a runner's perspective as well I would imagine!

  2. Hi Scientist Runner!!
    I will be doing a perspective run of SF but it will be from a trail in Berkeley and Oakland in August. From the trail, I will have a fantastic view of SF skyline, Golden Bridge, Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge. Might do Mount Diablo(half way to the summit) also.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. So this is how Las Vegas look like at daytime (sa TV kasi, laging gabi ang scene sa Las Vegas). Kelan kaya ako makakarating dito?

    So Arthur, you're a retiree residing in the U.S. or here in our native land?

    Hope to run with you in the future, though I doubt that very much. You run faster than a 30-year old newbie. Bilis mo!

  4. Hi Golden Girl, Nora!!
    Thank you for dropping by. Sa ngayon, dito ako sa CA, but in Pangasinan every other year.

    I will run the Condura event next year. Siguro Half marathon lang. In October, I will try my luck on my first marathon at the Long Beach International Marathon. Sana matapos ko rin tulad mo.