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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Downtown Anaheim 5K

This morning, I ran my last 5K race for year 2010 at Downtown Anaheim 5K
Event. Anaheim City is the home of Disneyland and the Los Angeles Angels. The event is one of the biggests 5K events in Southern California with the atmosphere of a marathon event, good community support, big crowd of spectators, a rock band playing non-stop and free pancake breakfast for runners.

Running 5K race is part of my workout for my upcoming half marathon run at Seattle. Also, it's my last chance to run 5K under 26 minutes(PR-0:26:06).

At the start line I look around to see the kind of shoes the runners were wearing. The runners choice was ASICS, with Sauconey as the second choice. I also observed that there were some bandits.

I started fast that I was out of rhythm and struggled for about quarter of a mile. Then, I started counting my steps to settle down. I ran more relaxed and faster and at Mile 1, my time was 8:00 minutes. Tried to maintain the pace but my old wheels can't keep up. Had to slow down a little bit. About 75 feet from the finish line, I saw that the time was 25 minutes and counting. Switched on my after burner and ran as fast as I could to the finish line ..... and finally ran the 5K under 26 minutes, unfortunately, I only came 4th place in my division.
June 12, 2010 ------ Time: 0:25:47 - 4th place

June 13, 2009 ------ Time: 0: 27:28 - 3rd place


  1. Dear Arthur - How in the world do you get the strength to get 00h25m47s for a 5km? Congratulations! But, I hope you do not run a a "minimalist" haha!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Amado; During the ran I felt the signal my body sent me. Have to slow down to extend my running days beyond age 70, so it will be just an easy fun run from here on. Yeah, I don't think, Condura is ready for a true minimalist runner. Not even ready yet for BR running half naked.