From 6 to 200 MPH

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye 2012 ...... Welcome 2013!!!!!

2012 will soon be a history but what a year it was. I turned 70 but felt younger and stronger since I started running when I was 65.

It's a year I ran six marathons (streak of 9), two half and two 10k. It's a year I ran 1181 miles. It's also a year that I realized and accepted that 70 is not a new 65 or even 69.

After the Long Beach Marathon and 3 months of soul searching, I decided to continue running at a pace that will be most comfortable to me. No more running hurt and crossing the finish line in a verge of asthma episode. No more PR & podium finish. Will stay active running, jogging, walking and working out at the "Y" to make 75 looking great.

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