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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seal Beach 10K Results

The Early Bird
For great parking spot, had to arrive 2 hours before gun time... then walked 1 mile to the Start Line.

Pre-race stretching,
training, Ironman Muscle Rub Gel and  knee supports are what keep me going to stay healthy and run past others who are younger than me.
At The Start Line
I challenged myself to run at this pace.  This is my reward for getting lazy and taking it easy since the Dolphins run.  

The Race is On

At the Finish Line
With my old man sprint, crossed  the finish line strong and happy.

 Like other Southern CA Beach Cities (From Malibu to San Diego), the race was very competitive and well organized. The view of the Pacific ocean and community support made the event  more exciting and motivating.  I am happy not just because of the PR, but because my love of running is back.

                                               65 - 69 Male

  Place    Chip Time       Pace        Overall Place        Age       Remarks
   6/25        53:47.7           8:41           469/1703                69              PR

At the Pier
This is one of my favorite fishing holes. Present of seals around the pier is a sign of good fishing. At the end of the pier is a good watering hole.

Life Is A Beach


  1. Congratulations, sir! The mojo is definitely back!

  2. Congrats! Dude, you is fast!

    Your time age grades to 39 min. My best so far
    49:45 (8:00 pace) age grades to a 42:27...3:30 slower.

    At my current age (55) I need to run a 46:30 to equal your time. That is a 7:35 pace. Ouch! 8)

    Congrats again!

  3. Thanks Paul! It's one of my satisfying runs because, I didn't expect to be setting PR anymore.

    When I started running 4 yrs ago, got familiar with 2 good AG runners in my area. Over the years, I slowly gain on them. Finally last Saturday, I beat one of them by 5 minutes.

  4. @Julius
    Thanks Julius! Good luck to your upcoming ultra marathon races.

    Keep me posted with your coming visit in California