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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Final Rehearsal ......

Today, I did my last bit of distance work before the marathon, and is designed to remind both body and mind that I am well trained distance-running old machine. I wore the running short and shirt that I will be wearing during the big day including shoes and socks. Also, I have my hydration belt with all the stuff, I will be carrying with me. It's a dress rehearsal.

At 7:00 am and at the exact starting line, I started my final long run at a pace that I intend to run the marathon. If the weather today will be the same come marathon day, I have to pass mile 10 by 9:00am to escape the heat of the sun.

I ran 12.13 miles in 2:04:51. Based on this 10:17 pace, I expect to finish the marathon under 5 hours. Bold expectation but I am good if I don't meet it ......... after all, I expected to be a bold actor when I was 18 years old and nothing came out of it.

From my Dailymile account, the following are my training stats;

No. of weeks in training ------ 7
Distance --------------------- 206.4 miles/330 km
Time ------------------------ 33h:36m
Weekly Ave ----------------- 29.5 miles/47 km

Good luck to me and to all participants of this coming great event.


  1. Godspeed, sir! Stay safe. Looking forward to the race account and photos.

  2. Thanks, Julius! BTW, congradulations to your Blue Eagles for winning the UAAP basketball championship tournament. Still remember the Blue Eagles spanking my Cardinal in the old NCAA league.