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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Recovery Run ...... July 3rd 10K fun Run

It's been a week now since I ran the Rock "n" Roll Seattle. Been icing my knees and working out on the stationary bike for my recovery. Today, to test if I was already fully recovered, I ran a 10K sponsored by the City of La Palma, CA.

The course is flat and was a perfect venue to start running again. After a mile of fun ran I felt good and the knees were pain free, so I decided to run all out to the finish line.
Crossed the finish line in 55 minutes flat ........ a PR.

Time: .............. 0:55:00
Div Place: ....... First Place


  1. Arthur, great talking with you tonight. Take care and we'll see one another this weekend. Please take care my friend. Possible dinner on Saturday night. I'll keep you informed.


  2. Thanks, Wayne! Talking/meeting new friends is one of the many benefits of running. Take care & see you this weekend.